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Dechang Electric’ Exhibition in Shanghai Electronic China 2018

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2018/03/27 11:02
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TheShanghaiMunichelectronicChinaisanimportanteventintheindustry,withthousandsofwell-knownenterprisesparticipatingintheexhibitioneveryyear.DechangElectric’ boothishallE4No.4558.TheboothofDechangElectri

The Shanghai Munich electronic China is an important event in the industry, with thousands of well-known enterprises participating in the exhibition every year. Dechang Electric booth is hall E4 No.4558.


The booth of Dechang Electric attracts a large number of domestic and foreign exhibitors. Some customers have in-depth consultation of the products. Our company all provide the sales and technical service patiently. Some customers placed the order on our booth directly.


Dechang Electric main product: Power transformer, Current transformer, Hall effect sensor, Drive transformer, , common mode choke, Tigger transformer and Mould design.


See Dechang Electric in next exhibition . 

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