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With strong technical strength, we continuously develop excellent performance products

every year. We consistently adhere to using good materials for many years and always make high-performance products. Our products can adapt to severe environment and possess the characteristics of long-term operation, high electrical strength, low noise, low temperature rise, etc., the product service life is up to 20 years.

YHDC Electric 2019 Czech Electronics Show
De chang Electric participated in the 2019 Czech Electronics Show
YHDC 2019 Ukrainian International Power Exhibition
De chang Electric Participated in the 2019 Ukrainian Electronics Show
YHDC electrical 2018 Munich, Germany Electronics Show
De chang Electric participated in the 2018 Munich Electronics Show in Germany
YHDC participated in the MATELEC 2018 in Madrid, Spain
MATELEC 2018 is an International Exhibition for Electrical Equipment and Energy Efficiency, Electronic and Telecommunications.

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